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Mental health is just as important as the physical one! Our struggle is to help people learn more about their psychological state and mental condition. To understand your emotional behavior is to accept and face with your own feelings and thoughts. Our thoughts affect every minute of our lives; it is up to us what kind of thoughts will lead us through life. Mastering your emotional adjustment is not easy. Waking up every day and seeing the world through rose-tinted spectacles is almost impossible. Still, you can always find a way to control you mind, because after all: it is the thoughts that count; positive or negative! Do not let negative emotions define you…First, you must accept the fact that you are not a robot or a smiling doll. You are a superior individual with unique feelings and emotions, and your thoughts are variable during the day, every day! The human brain is an endless source of information, hence it is impossible to be completely discovered. But for one thing we are sure, our mind is capable to process between 50.000 to 70.000 thoughts per day.

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Due to human’s nature, we are all creatures of habits and 98 percent of these thoughts and feelings are the same as we had the day before. Unfortunately, 85 percent of them are negative. What this information can taught us? If we keep up daily with bad mood, thoughts and feelings, they will habitat in our mind, and we will become them. What you plant in your mind that will sprout! Let optimism overcome every bad situation. It is simple like that; the problem is how to deal with negativity and how to train your mind to stay positive during your day. For start, you must know that even the most cheerful person in this world has its own blue moods. You can start with creating different positive affirmations during the day. We all have bad days, not always things will work out as they are planed. Most of the time, our mood depends on the environment. Stressful situations at the places we work at, bad relationships, disappointment in friendships, even exams can affect our mental health. But you need to understand this: your mental health is number one priority! Your mental health is more important than your interview, your meeting, your exam, your project…even your friends. Also, another survey according to the American Academy of Dermatology says that around 50 million of Americans suffer from acne and skin problems which mostly lead to lower self-esteem and similar psychological problems. Our team is aware of how insecurities affect human’s mind and the consequences which come along with the inner dissatisfaction, so we suggest to treat your body and skin with same care as your mind. Alongside with daily positive affirmations daily skin care treatments should be included; such as acne removal, blackhead removal, scars treatments etc.


depression anxietyDepression, anxiety and panic attacks are the 21st century mental disorders. The types of mental disorders will be discussed in the next article. This time we will stick to how the human’s mind works.  Mental health includes a person’s ability to enjoy the life and exclude every type of mental illness. Psychological illnesses occur in every age of life and should not be ashamed of it. Face your deepest fears, accept things as they are and let go of the past. Regret and anger are the major causes of psychological disorders and unhappy life. We want to make you aware of your own divinity, because only you can direct you mind into a beautiful world. A negative attitude cannot give you a positive life! Start working on yourself by training your thoughts and feelings and you will experience a miracle.