May is Mental Health Month

Show others it’s okay to talk about mental health.

MHA national and Booster partnered together to launch the FIGHT IN THE OPEN campaign  which raises funds for mental health awareness and outreach efforts through the sales of exclusively designed t-shirts.  And -- MHA Texas receives a percentage of your purchase.

So, How Can I Order?

1. Go to the FIGHT IN THE OPEN campaign here.

2. Select what color and style you’d like. You can order the shirt in black, olive, heather grey, red and a hoodie option is also available in heather grey. Once you’ve decided, click on the blue button that says “Buy/Donate.”

3. You can then select your size and quantity on the transaction page (size vary based on style selected but many are available in Adult XS – 4XL and Youth S – L).

4. Complete the transaction by filling out the required information and voila! You’re all done. Your shirt will be shipped out 2 weeks after the campaign ends so you can FIGHT IN THE OPEN during Mental Health Month in May.



Order your t-shirt by April 27th for Mental Health Month.

Meet the Artist: Derek Hess and how he learned to Fight in the Open

Derek Hess is a Cleveland-based artist who rose to prominence in the art community through his emotionally-charged art pieces of the indie, hardcore, and metal scenes in the mid-1990s and has since developed a dedicated following.

Hess struggled with alcoholism, as a way to cope with depression and bipolar II disorder, but has since remained sober and worked hard to live a life in recovery through his art.

“I’m working through my issues visually,” Hess says. “It’s therapy for sure. Instead of journaling or talking to a therapist, basically my artwork is my diary to me. I remember what’s going on with almost every piece when I was doing it.”