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May is Mental Health Month and This Year's Theme is "Risky Business."

This year, Mental Health Month encourages people to educate themselves about habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses, or that could be signs of mental health problems themselves, i.e. Risky Business.

These include risk factors such as risky sex, prescription drug misuse, internet addiction, excessive spending, marijuana use, and troublesome exercise patterns. We hope to raise awareness of the risks that these types of behaviors present—especially to young people—and help people who may be struggling to detect early warning signs and seek help early, before Stage 4.

May is Mental Health Month. We welcome you to join us in spreading the word that mental health is something everyone should care about by sharing the May is Mental Health Month materials and conducting awareness activities. Follow us on social media and share posts using the hashtags #mhm2017 and #riskybusiness.

How do I start?

STEP 1: Make sure you download the materials (links to the right) to help spread the message by printing to post in the places you learn, work and play.

STEP 2: Take the What’s Too Far Quiz. When does a behavior become risky? When do you think it crosses a line? Mental Health America wants to know what you think.

STEP 3: Are you following us on Facebook or Twitter? Follow our social media pages and share social media posts for Mental Health Month to help others learn more about prescription drug misuse, risky sex, internet addiction, exercise extremes, and other topics that will be covered during May.

STEP 5: Take a screen to assess your mental health. Since we’re talking about action Before Stage 4 (B4Stage4), it’s always good to check up on your mental health! Encourage your friends and family to do the same – there is no shame is caring for yourself.





Learn more about Risky Business and download these materials: 


Marijuana Use


Prescription Drug Misuse

Internet addition

Compulsive Buying

Exercise Extremes


Learn about B4Stage4.


Go to Okay to Say.  It’s  Okay to Say™ is a community-based movement initiated by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute to increase public awareness about how mental health issues affect Texans, as well as to help people voice the challenges and successes they, their loved ones or friends encounter when they seek help for this treatable disease.

Join the movement.
Add your voice.
End the stigma.