Mental Health America of Texas is the state’s longest-serving mental health education and advocacy group. Our proactive, positive approach to mental health issues has been helping Texans address mental health concerns by opening minds since 1935.

Our Mission

Mental Health America of Texas transforms the systems that promote mental health, prevent mental disorders and substance abuse, and achieve recovery from mental illness and addictions through innovative education, advocacy and services.

Who We Serve

Through a wide range of collaborative efforts, Mental Health America of Texas strives to provide children, youth, adults and their family members, mental health professionals, first responders, educators and state leaders and other stakeholders with the most comprehensive, evidence-based sources of information related to mental health, substance abuse and mental illness.

Where We Work

Our state office is in Austin, Texas where we can best influence public policy and advocacy for Texans. 

We envision a state where mental health is the cornerstone of public health, its stigma is eliminated and all Texans have access to comprehensive, high quality, culturally competent care.