Since 1935, we have made a positive impact on thousands of lives in Texas through education, outreach and advocacy.

Mental Health America of Texas plays a crucial role as the only statewide mental health education and advocacy organization in Texas that addresses the entire spectrum of mental disorders.  Our comprehensive statewide mental health education and outreach serves thousands of individuals and professionals in communities across the state.

As the leading statewide advocate for children, youth and adults affected by mental illness or substance use disorders and their families, MHA Texas works year round to educate state leaders. To further our effectiveness in positive and impactful legislative changes, we lead and collaborate with many other advocates and supporters throughout the state to remove barriers faced by people with mental illness.

We provide education and outreach through multiple channels including the distribution of mental health and mental illness related publications, our family of websites, videos and smart phone applications.  Mental Health America of Texas’ highly acclaimed suicide prevention programs that have reached thousands of people across the state through training seminars, video trainings and an annual statewide suicide prevention symposium. 

And, as the Texas state office for Parents as Teachers, we provide training and support for local programs throughout the state to bring early childhood educators into homes and help strengthen families.

What We've Achieved

Set public policy priorities including improving school-related suicide prevention, and expanding mental health and substance use disorder workforce.

Led collaborative efforts of mental health advocates to create legislative changes.

Worked to support passage for more than 60 bills related to mental health and substance use disorders in the 84th Legislative session in 2015.

102,463 mental health and mental illness related publications were distributed in 2014.

9,219 free downloads of our suicide prevention apps.

Trained 1,612 people in suicide prevention.

900 professionals and individuals attended our statewide suicide prevention symposium in 2015.

Held 47 trainings around Texas that put 976 early childhood educators into famiies' homes.